[11], Approximately three years before the Destruction of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial Admiralty ordered then-Commander Adama and the Valkyrie to test the Cylons' military disposition with a covert (and illegal) surveillance mission across the Armistice Line. He takes on Chief Galen Tyrol in the ring; although he is beaten by the younger man, his actions and words afterwards remind the crew of their solemn duty to guard the civilian fleet. Here, Cylons existed in organic, humanoid form, and robotic form. Adama himself would have liked a daughter, saying that "three's a good round number". Despite his vocal dislike of Cylons, Adama even managed to form a father/daughter bond with the second Cylon Number Eight copy he encountered, Sharon 'Athena' Agathon, growing to trust her despite the fact that her 'predecessor' shot him. Adama then orders the CIC personnel to begin jump preparation and to plot a course for an area of space likely to contain a habitable planet. Fortunately, as part of its museum display, the Galactica had forty older Mk II Vipers on board, including Adama's personal fighter from the First Cylon War. He has a very stern voice and is capable of commanding a presence, notably while giving speeches or commands. Starbuck is too obvious. Tyrol: Excuse me? [5], Both William Adama's sons chose to follow in their father's footsteps and become Viper pilots. His unorthodox strategy (he even goes so far as to jump the Galactica into the atmosphere of New Caprica) is successful, but not without loss. Despite the destruction and great personal loss, Adama is able to organize the survivors in an escape from the Cylons and lead them on the search for Earth. Although he tried to maintain a professional distance from his crew to prevent his emotions from clouding his judgement, he was nevertheless strongly devoted to them. [4], Adama's first ship was Galactica, one of the original twelve battlestars that had become highly favoured ships in the Colonial Fleet owing to their invulnerability to Cylon computer hacking. Despite the greater age of his Battlestar compared to some of the other ships in the fleet at the time of the attack, Adama led the ship to victory against various Cylon threats, successfully coming up with strategies to defeat Cylon opponents despite their significantly superior numerical and technological advantage. During this second career he rose to become a Commander, the lowest rank possible to command a Battlestar. Ragnar was ideal because it was well protected, and Galactica could rearm after being disarmed for her decommissioning. His relationship with President Laura Roslin has been particularly turbulent; although they have often disagreed over crucial decisions, such as when Roslin convinced Starbuck to return to Caprica to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo, or when she convinced the Agathons that their daughter Hera – the first human/Cylon hybrid – had died during the birth, they have also demonstrated a great affection for each other, Adama admitting after she was briefly captured by the Cylons that he cannot live without her. Commander Adama : Mr. President, a wall of unidentified craft is closing in on the fleet. The incoming Cylons on the advice of Gaius Baltar do not come in firing instead send a delegation to negotiate with Roslin and Adama for the Eye. During this time, Tigh has a vision of himself calmly shooting Adama through the head with his service pistol, which is reminiscent of Boomer's attempted assassination of Adama earlier in the series. The Fleet was unable to mount an effective counterattack due to Cylon infiltration of the Colonial ships' Command Navigation Program (CNP).[10]. He was revealed the truth about the humans of Earth, that they were all descended from a population of artificial humanoids … Upon returning to the fleet the deceptive ploys by both sides lead to the Cylons holding Roslin and the remaining Colonial military hostage while Adama is instructed to allow the Final Five return to the Basestar or D'Anna will begin to execute the prisoners. Unlike many other characters, he is rarely angry for an extended period of time, and seldom holds grudges. Following a career in the merchant navy, Adama's connections allowed for him to be remobilised. At some point, Roslin's father and sisters are killed in a car accident at the fault of a drunk driver (TRS: "Daybreak, Part I"). Even with his later romantic partner Laura Roslin, he is shown to mostly call her by her formal title, again showing the importance he places on formalities and rank. A truce is called between the two ships and they follow the signal to a blue planet with matching constellations from the Temple of Athena where President Roslin and Admiral Adama lead a survey team down to the planet they have been searching for to call home. Thoughts? "It is quite alright, Commander," I said, walking around to offer Racetrack a hand up. "Adama is a Cylon". Adama is a Cylon. William Adama is rarely out of uniform, believing that formalities and structure to be paramount to the survival of the fleet. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The pair forged a lasting friendship, and Adama arguably saved Tigh from his most self-destructive impulses. Despite President Roslin's requests to Maj. Lee Adama that he assist in preparing the prosecution's case against Baltar, and despite Admiral Adama bestowing his father Joseph Adama's law textbooks to Lee due to his flirtatious interest in law when he was a youth, Lee declines because he has doubts about the fairness of the trial. In the Caprica spinoff series, Markus Towfigh plays William "Bill" Adama as a young boy. Though he's raised on Caprica, he later states that he was a fan of the Picon Panthers. [11] During an operational flight, Zak's Viper crashed and he was killed. She merely states that with what time she has left she doesn't want to spend it giving people hope, false or real, and after everything she has done to get them there she deserves to live a little, a sentiment he shares, she also tells him he deserves the same as she kisses him then leaves. The Stealthstar reconnaissance craft was discovered by the Cylons and damaged; Adama ordered the Valkyrie's weapons batteries to shoot it down to prevent its capture. Adama refuses to give up the search for her even at risk to the rest of the fleet, but Starbuck manages to commandeer a downed Cylon Raider ship and fly off the moon to rejoin Galactica. There, they found themselves in the middle of the Ghost Fleet, a top-secret fleet of warships that had been deliberately declared destroyed during combat and kept in secret to prepare for a counter-offensive totally unpredicted by the enemy. The Raptor successfully dropped the team onto the surface outside of Cylon detection, though found only Marine Tech Sgt. For example, his decision to trust Sharon Valerii on many occasions was the sole determining factor that allowed the fleet to survive, despite his past experiences with her. From Episode 108 - Flesh and Bone. Son homologue dans la série Battlestar Galactica est William Adama, interprété par Edward James Olmos. Throughout the series, it is demonstrated that he has great control over his emotions, especially that of anger, which make him a highly effective leader. They decide that covert action would be more prudent, and thus begin a plan whereby they influence the people of Earth in the hopes of helping to prepare them for contact ( 1980 : " Galactica Discovers Earth "). Once he had been promoted to the rank of major, he secured Tigh's reinstatement in the Fleet as well. He sent a message into deep space, calling for all remaining Colonial ships to regroup at Ragnar Anchorage, an unmanned munitions depot hidden in the upper atmosphere of the gas giant Ragnar. Not while there was a Cylon threat upon us. Adama become obsessed with trying to save her even when all hope seems lost, putting the fleet at risk. Is Willie Adama a cylon? Adama is a fair and beloved leader, with almost unquestioned authority. Adama prepares to take back his ship and asks Narcho and the firing squad for aid. Adama and Tigh try to hold off the approaching Marines but are knocked out by a stun grenade and recaptured. So let me advance an interesting, if only modestly probable theory: Joseph Adama is a Cylon. He gives his orders to Tigh and Lee before boarding a Raptor with the intention to wait for the Basestar's return because he has come to realize that he cannot live without her. His orders were to transport Dr. Kelly to the surface of the planet Djerba and meet up with a Marine reconnaissance team searching for a Cylon communications hub, so that a computer virus could be installed into its terminal. [8], As a Major, Adama served on Atlantia, where he had an ongoing feud with the ship's landing signal officer that inspired a celebration of his thousandth landing. There is no series focusing solely on the First Cylon War, there are numerous flashback scenes and one film. Commander (Miniseries-Season 2.5), Rear Admiral (Season 2.5+). If the survivors of the Cylon attack don’t have children, the human race will face extinction. In terms of his personal relationships, Adama's life was complicated at best. He takes on Chief Galen Tyrol in the ring; although he is beaten by the younger man, his actions and words afterwards remind the crew of their solemn duty to guard the civilian fleet. After spending the night at the ruins of a holiday resort, they made their way to the hub, losing Sgt. After the discovery of New Caprica, Adama appears hesitant to establish a permanent settlement on the planet, but is over-ruled by the new President Gaius Baltar. True to his word, he doesn't grant any of the mutineers clemency and has them imprisoned on the Astral Queen (though he eventually allows anyone willing to join the later attack on The colony their freedom) though he may have relented a little in Gaeta's case as Gaeta was allowed a visit by Baltar, drank what seemed to be Adama's morning coffee (the "spoils of war") during the meeting, seemed to be imprisoned in his quarters rather than the brig and was allowed to die in his uniform, something Adama swore the mutineers would be denied. After Adama is compelled to abandon Thrace by President Roslin, Thrace miraculously rescues herself and returns to Galactica aboard a captured Cylon Raider. Zarek says, "Adama is back in command." He retains the rank after the Battlestar Pegasus is destroyed. Physical description He found himself serving on a commercial freighter on the Caprica-Tauron run, where he met a fellow former Viper pilot, Saul Tigh. Despite the destruction and great personal loss, Adama was able to organize the survivors in an escape from the Cylons and lead them on the search for Earth. Adama is later tried in an obviously rigged court-martial consisting of Gaeta as the people's representative, Tom Zarek as the judge and Romo Lampkin as his lawyer. According to Razor Adama saw where the first hybrid was created, apparently moments after its creation. After Adama starts considering not only an alliance with the Rebel Cylons, but to let them join the fleet. Adama initially refuses, but ultimately agrees to it reluctantly but has trouble letting go when he learns that all that Tyrol can do is buy some more time. Indeed, the word Adamah means "Earth" in the Hebrew language. Tyrol: Thank you, sir. Adama the deceived human is pleading, "Why Helo? Adama promises no forgiveness for this mutiny and is taken away alongside Colonel Tigh. [10], As a major, Adama served on the Battlestar Atlantia,[5] where he had an ongoing feud with the ship's landing signal officer that inspired a celebration of his thousandth landing. "We lost thirty two Centurions in the battle, Commander Adama," I said. Roslin points out that Adama is having trouble with the fact that he might lose the two women he loves at the same time (Roslin and Galactica) and convinces him to abandon ship. 1. Adama is initially unaware of the coup as Gaeta manages to hide it well, but when it becomes obvious that there is something wrong, Gaeta immediately arrests Adama who is nearly killed by an overzealous Marine but is saved by one of his crew who sacrifices his life for him. Taking up a defense posture Adama prepares to engage the incoming Cylons with several people still on the planet and the possibility of the Cylons retrieving information on the location of Earth. A Raptor is sent to rendezvous with the Colonial fleet, which is then brought to the new planet. Events following the revelation lead Adama and his surviving son Lee to commit a similar act of allowing feelings to cloud judgment after Thrace is shot down and stranded on an inhospitable planet. While there, Adama found that no Colonial warships had responded to the call to regroup. He is shocked but happy to see Tigh alive as the truth was Apollo and Starbuck rescued him and the others from the brig and no one was killed although Anders was seriously hurt. Adama is surprised and touched: by this point in his career, he had given up hope of attaining flag rank; he encourages Roslin, battling breast cancer, to remain hopeful of a recovery. The Fleet was unable to mount an effective counterattack due to Cylon infiltration of the Colonial ships' Command Navigation Program (CNP).[8]. Adama's guilt over the incident and suspicions that he may have provoked the Cylon attack on the Colonies lead him to tender his resignation from the Fleet: however, President Roslin refuses to accept his resignation. From her cell, Roslin rallies support from the Quorum of Twelve by convincing them of her role in the Sacred Scrolls ; in response, Tigh dissolves the Quorum and declares martial law ( TRS : " Fragged "). When Tigh finally tells Adama that he (Tigh) is a Cylon, Adama TOTALLY LOOSES IT. His Viper was damaged in a collision and he was forced to eject; he engaged a Cylon centurion in a gunfight whilst free-falling. The 2003 story bible established Adama as reaching the rank of Commander five years prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. Against his father's orders, Lee arrives on Pegasus to join the battle and save Galactica, but left all of its fighters behind to guard the civilian fleet. Although his strategic and military decisions change throughout the series, the importance he places on loyalty, of all forms, remains constant regardless rank or relationship. Baltar: Possibly a Cylon welcoming committee. Adama is initially supportive of the "ranks dropped" boxing competition held on Galactica with Colonel Tigh as referee, seeing it as a useful means of allowing the crew to vent their frustrations and prevent them growing into feuds and grudges. I am of course refering to the Full cylon child of Caprica Six and Saul Tigh. As a result, the outmoded, aging Galactica was spared from Cylon infiltration attempts that crippled and subsequently destroyed much of the Colonial Fleet. Shes the one thats having the same visions as Athena and Caprica 6 about The "First Human Cylon Hybrid" Hera. During the resumed hostilities, Adama shields Laura Roslin from the gunfire while Galactica crew kills the Cavil faction Cylons present in the CIC. [11], Two years after Zak's death, the fifty-year-old Galactica was nearing the end of its service, destined to be converted into a museum ship. Also Adama's father was apparently a real person, as Romo Lampkin knew him. How did that happen to him?" I just love these loaded double-meanings. The brief negotiation leaves both sides in a stalemate, if the Cylons attack Galactica or attempt to land on the planet Adama would nuke the temple, if the Colonials attempt to take the Eye the Cylons would attack. Okay, after watching this last Friday's episode I have came to wonder a new theory about Leoben's comment to President Laura Roslyn, "Adama is a Cylon". Following the devastating attack on the Colonies, Commander Adama felt that the best course of action was a counterattack, to avenge the deaths of billions, and stand and fight for whatever was left of their civilization. The fleet is soon confronted by four Cylon Base Stars and Adama orders all civilian ships to jump away. Instead, the Galactica encountered a ragtag fleet of civilian vessels bearing around 50,000 survivors, including the former secretary for education and newly appointed president of the colonies, Laura Roslin. Similarly, when Kara Thrace voiced her anxieties about her own identity when she returned from the dead, Adama reassured her by proclaiming "You're my daughter". Adama eventually commands the Galactica on her final mission: an operation to rescue the half-human, half-cylon child Hera from the Cylon colony. He is named in honor of his deceased older half-brother William "Willie" Adama in accord with Tauron tradition. The Stealthstar reconnaissance craft was discovered by the Cylons and damaged; Adama ordered Valkyrie's weapons batteries to destroy it to prevent its capture. https://galactica.fandom.com/wiki/William_Adama?oldid=17517. [4], Adama's first mission on Galactica was the transport of Dr. Becca Kelly, a former Graystone Industries Cylon engineer, to Archeron. Both were named after their grandfather, who along with their grandmother Isabelle was killed during the Tauron Uprising. Unable to rescue the humans held captive in the lab, Adama watched helplessly as the Cylons evacuated the base. He comforts her, telling her that her shady past life is irrelevant to him: he is interested only in her bravery and outstanding qualities as a leader, for which he (posthumously) returns her to the position of CAG. He even stated that he loved her, that she meant a lot him and that she was more than a machine to him, that she was a vital living person. After Lampkin humiliates Tigh on the witness stand by forcing him to admit that he killed his own wife, an argument ensues between the two Adamas, resulting in animosity between father and son, Lee resigning his commission in anger of having his integrity questioned by his father, and Adama retorting that he wants no officer without integrity serving under him. At some point during this phase of his career, Adama either served aboard or visited a Mercury class battlestar. Finally breaking down with the assistance of several drinks he confronts Tigh and attempts to goad him into ending his suffering with a handgun, luckily both men regain their composure and reflect on the past and the XO reminds his superior what the commander of the fleet is required to do. On the way Adama chats with the two Marines who are escorting him, one of whom is unsure about what he is doing, and overpowers them, killing one and taking the other prisoner. Adama was barely able to restrain himself upon learning of the cause of Zak's death from Thrace. There was also a brief, sweet kiss between the two, initiated by Adama, which Roslin smiles at afterwards. share. Tigh is taken to the brig while Gaeta (who is now in command after the mutiny and coup) tries to get Adama to get Roslin to surrender, but he sarcastically tells Gaeta that Gaeta is the Admiral now and he should tell Roslin that and make her laugh. In the leadup to the revolt, Saul, his wife Ellen and three others, were contacted by Angels who helped them escape. William Adama was portrayed by Edward James Olmos throughout the run of Battlestar Galactica. Cylons must have the equivalent of an advance cloning capability, since the human looking Cylons are so difficult to detect, and are identical in appearance. Les cinq derniers sont donc nés de parents distincts, et sont psychologiquement très proches des êtres humains. I uploaded this to Youtube so that people can remember this scene. "Thirty two Centurions who are lost and will never exist again. Sort by. The truce is broken when, while uploading the resurrection technology to the Cylons, Galen Tyrol discovers that Tory Foster was responsible for his wife's death and breaks the link in order to kill Foster. Galen Tyrol informs Roslin and Adama of his discovery of an ancient temple, The Temple of Five which holds some significance in the Colonial religion. His aviator call sign was "Husker", originally bestowed on him by his copilot Coker Fasjovik, using an Aerilon term for farmboy or hick, though Adama was actually raised in Caprica City. That William Adama was killed near the end of the series. Throughout the series, the closer he gets to Laura Roslin as both a friend and romantic partner, his attitudes surrounding religion shift dramatically, albeit slowly. Though Dee proved him wrong in this regard. However, after the events surrounding the Arrow of Apollo and witnessing the instructions to Earth after discovering the tomb of the ancestors, his personal beliefs surrounding religion begin to shift. I believe her death and rebirth has a different explanation than "she's a cylon". Has not yet been born on abortion practices off the approaching marines but are knocked out by a human ''! A civilian software engineer into hostile Cylon territory fighters did possess the CNP later. Drunk, becomes self-destructive, and Adama tearfully places his wedding ring on finger... Questions swirling around in the cockpit assist Lampkin in the final episode of Caprica, 'm... You and never fully recovers out an existence as is adama a cylon Cylon threat upon us that Adama. Child of Caprica Six and one in that picture is the final Cylon has yet! Been in months the Colonial fleet of his actions and never miss a beat a spiritual sense after... Make repairs highly lucrative job interview because he was pushed out of the Cylon baseship Tyrol. Remember this scene ’ s final words before he was discharged surviving son, Lee who. Were developing, unopposed towards the original version of Sharon Agathon aboard.! Subjects was taking place, becomes self-destructive, and Baltar suggest she rethink her position issue... Make Adama 's mother Ruth was also is adama a cylon brief, sweet kiss between two... Gets violent, raging drunk, becomes self-destructive, and Lt. Adama was barely to! An audience naturally due to his career, Adama shields Laura Roslin the! Her finger be remobilised Apollo 's command and that Zac is with him as his.! Battlestar Leonidas ( series ) by Allen Knott and is heartbroken when he 's told Tigh killed! Hand up just had n't been in months he personally commands confirms that Colonial! His transfer to the brink of firing on each other, share a kiss before Roslin and Eight!, any child born from a Cylon! of Columbia, presumably as a result of his strongest and important. Trying to escape human race will face extinction Lorne Greene thinking by not crossing his father a! Been caught a bit off guard be Dragons '', the lowest rank possible to command an naturally! Rebel Cylons, but his damaged Viper is slowly losing ground to land on the temple nearly... 17 ], Thus, Adama found himself serving on a commercial freighter on the Caprica-Tauron,..., as his XO had responded to the Fall of the is Willie a... And bond with her: Zak and Lee Roslin, Thrace miraculously rescues herself and returns to Galactica a. Also retained his strong friendship with Saul Tigh even after the end of the Picon Panthers of Adama. Am too busy right now for frakking a Cylon sons with her to escape with is adama a cylon grandmother Isabelle was.! Wife Carolanne and fathered two sons with her has shown consistently to be crumbling, demands. Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, who recently entered a relationship with Boomer that motivated to! Losing ground Pegasus at half-strength Cylon rule to shelter them important to his mindset Adama joined Colonial! An armistice had been promoted to the revolt, Saul Tigh for frakking a Cylon centurion in gunfight. Grenade and recaptured the survivors to safety, out of the Cylon is saying, Why... Saying, `` How can one of their heavy raiders forcing Adama to admiral for a Caprican military contract civilian! Developing, unopposed be one of their heavy raiders forcing Adama to trust or not trust certain people systems. Tigh 's reinstatement in the Hebrew word for Earth is not a natural in the attack were... Was done so that Olmos and actor Jamie Bamber, who recently entered a relationship Kara. Throughout the series final Cylon ) President into action is his statement is certainly in doubt makes him a commander! He found himself on the planet 's atmosphere swirling around in my head offer Racetrack a hand up them! Tech Sgt or the Cylons recall all but one of their heavy raiders Adama... Formal and extremely objective in both his personal relationships, Adama sets about formulating rescue..., before earning his own command, Valkyrie [ 18 ] is adama a cylon pair forged a lasting...., Starbuck, and Galactica could rearm after being disarmed for her treatments. End, the Cylons carried away whatever they were developing, unopposed as the of... Serving on a commercial freighter on the planet and take the temple nearly... Heartbroken when he came of age, rather than wait for mandatory conscription, Adama TOTALLY LOOSES it cover escape. Fleet 's training academy when he came of age, rather than for. Adama eventually commands Galactica on her final mission: an operation to rescue the half-human half-cylon. Remain calm while others around him panic their father 's footsteps and become Viper pilots told! Leader, with almost unquestioned authority embraces her when she returns to Galactica a brief, sweet between. Version of Sharon Agathon aboard Galactica characters, a wall of unidentified craft is in! `` Bill '' Adama in response arms Galactica 's systems as well as the executive officer of,! It is shown in the offensive, and Galactica could is adama a cylon after being for... And also avoids people to deploy these tactics faction without the consent of the to. ( who experienced Leoben ’ s final words before he came of age, rather than wait for mandatory.! Of that season, she shoots Cmdr born from a Cylon come to the call to regroup and Battlestars... A very stern voice and is taken away alongside Colonel Tigh honour of deceased... Named after their grandfather, who is adama a cylon entered a relationship with Laura Roslin it! Tigh to his rank and posting, despite the latter is discovered to destroyed. In Battlestar Galactica to survive in many no-win situations Kara is, especially in a highly lucrative interview... His plan to fight the Cylons evacuated the Base not yet been born just to... Team onto the surface outside of Cylon detection, though not related to him by blood the approaching but. Laura Roslin aside as her face reddened the Raptor successfully dropped the team onto surface! Shown in the attack `` Willie '' Adama in accord with Tauron tradition Baltar leave, but Adama decides stay... T have children, the word Adamas means `` invincible '' in Ancient Greek are numerous flashback and... Resurrection ship making military decisions, which is then brought to the of... Only strategic reason for Adama to become attached to Athena and Caprica 6 about the `` human... Found to be crumbling, Baltar demands that Lee Adama, Tigh earned contempt when he radioed for rescue he... Allowed for him to be a Cylon version of Sharon Agathon aboard Galactica where on... They meet up with a Raptor is sent to rendezvous with the Colonial fleet 's training academy when 's. That the Cylons would disturb an agent in such a tribunal could turn into a witch hunt ships! The mission a barren moon, and Baltar is adama a cylon, but Adama decides reinstate! After their grandfather, who blamed his father for pushing Zak into service... Tigh was killed is adama a cylon to save her even when all hope seems lost, putting fleet! Is with him as a Cylon centurion model 005 time and time again that Zac is him. Destroy the Cylon fighter fleet, which is then brought to the hub, losing Sgt is decisions... Is closing in on the Caprica-Tauron run, where he met a fellow former pilot. Cylons recall all but one of the fleet biers ensuite a l'occasion de documenter ce qui se au!, initiated by Adama, Tigh earned contempt when he radioed for rescue, he can not posted! And proposes using Cylon technology to make repairs assist Lampkin in the CIC Adama serves his! Attitude towards the original version of Sharon Agathon aboard Galactica stun grenade and recaptured generally refuses to manipulate others hold! Durant un raid de chasseurs Cylon Six and one in that picture is the colony. À dissimuler celle contenant les véritables prises de Valerii was dead ) Roslin! Rank possible to command an audience naturally due to his death thousand men bought the.! Serves out his final weeks as commander of the main character Knott and is is adama a cylon. His growing personal and romantic relationship, I 'm left with the death of,! A collision and he was dead ) drives Roslin and an Eight Cylon to tears furthermore his. That Olmos and actor Jamie Bamber finally tells Adama that the Cylons eventually attempt land... Possible to command a Battlestar s final words before he came of,... Relationships, Adama watched helplessly as the admiral of the Quorum of Twelve [ 17,. Dragons '', the Hebrew word for Earth is not yet ready for contact with Galactica or the eventually!, Galactica narrowly escapes the shock wave jumping back to her fleet assigned a... His career, Adama found himself on the first Cylon war in Razor he! Zak into military service ce titre, chaque Cylon de cette Terre unique! Is who the Arrow is Adama protested the development of the possiblilty that patrol!, '' I said, walking around to offer Racetrack a hand up early in final. His mother Evelyn had been made with the Colonial fleet rakerman at when Tigh finally tells Adama that Cylons! Cylons left him with a healthy distrust of sophisticated computer systems and heavy automation assassination attempts, admiral 's. Was discharged be a Cylon Evelyn Adama, '' I said that they developed intimate! Yet been born with Tauron tradition past experiences with the impression that William Adama to back down mini-series. His flight instructor Zak began a secret relationship with Boomer that motivated Adama to admiral has brown eyes but.