thank you andie for putting this recipe on. Daily Goals. Vanilla cupcake recipe from scratch! Someone tell me where I’m wrong. …. I made them for my friend’s baby shower and she loved them! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Low-Calorie Maple-Bacon Cupcakes Hungry Girl powdered sugar, yellow cake mix, baking powder, maple syrup, liquid egg whites and 7 more Get these … the good news is you’re allowed to put the frosting on however you want. Nutritionally, you’re getting a better-for-you dessert, and the texture isn’t compromised. I came across your blog in my search. I scraped the frosting off of my cupcakes because I’m trying to lose weight, but the residual frosting tasted okay. These are very moist and fluffy. Not a dumb question! I had doubled the cupcake recipe and then I doubled the frosting recipe and I should not have doubled the frosting recipe. i had to jump back on and let everyone know that i’ve now made these cupcakes 4 times now and they are a hit every.single.time!!! You are earning your blog title – I want to fly you to Chicago. With more than 350 cupcakes at Scratch, we offer WAY more than what's on our weekly and monthly calendars!! thank you for the recipe. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! I’ve never much liked the flavor of baked goods that substitute applesauce for butter, but this time, it really worked! Hi! Tuesday’s “Avoid The Candy” Things « You Can Get Fit! And could someone go pick up a cake? Let cool for 10 minutes on a wire rack before removing to cool completely. Super Bowl Snacks and Sweets « Can You Stay for Dinner? healthy chocolate cupcakes, healthy cupcakes recipe, low calorie cupcakes, all purpose flour –OR- whole wheat pastry flour. Use whatever you like. and the brown sugar with artificial sugar? Visit CalorieKing to see calorie count and nutrient data for all … There are a couple of things that could go wrong flavor-wise, and I think the best fix is making sure that you have a really really good cocoa powder. Kayla – this is a low fat/cal vanilla cupcake recipe: 1 yellow or vanilla 18.25 box moist style cake mix But honestly, I’m really not much of a photographer and I know very very little about how to do it! SO GOOD! Im looking forward to trying it out. I altered the above recipe for my wife and added a few more ingredients All in all, a bit of a disappointment. I needed a chocolate cupcake recipe for my little girl’s 4th birthday party at school. With that in mind, we researched healthier store-bought cupcake mixes to find the best ones. Thank you! 8 Guilt Free Desserts Under 100 Calories (or less) | Cocktails With Mom, » Review: Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes xoxo, bitterepiphany, Things I Love Sunday | Mary's wedding blog A Merry Wife,, 150 Calorie Double Chocolate Chunk Muffin | Cooking the Light Way. These look so good. We can make any of our cupcakes with a special order of 1 dozen standard-size or 2 dozen minis (per flavor)! Thank you so much for this recipe. Thank you! Please reply this question right now! I also use the macro setting on my camera to get a really close, sharp image. I used soy milk (which is non-fat) so it was just a slight difference but I dint think that that would effect her calorie count to much. Calories in a bakery cupcake with vanilla frosting. Thanks! When I made these for my friends, who’s allergic to almonds, I decided to go on a whim and use soy creamer. Famous center-filled cupcakes: We are known for our center-filled cupcakes. A note on calories in homemade cupcakes: The calorie total will vary depending on the recipe you choose and how much frosting you add to your cupcake. I just put a half marshmallow on each one and put on broil for 20 seconds. I just recently lost 45 pounds and am trying to find ways to maintain it.. but still have a treat here and there! deedees snickerdoodle-cupcake-from-scratch nutrition facts and nutritional information. Ein Cupcake hat 406 Kalorien. EatingWell may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Because in my mind, if you can be mindful and eat just one of an ooey gooey, then there’s no reason not to push the limits of decadence and sweet splendor. Funfetti Cupcakes. I made these today. I would have never imagined that a cupcake without oil, butter or eggs could taste this yummy! :), My milk didn’t curdle. Thank you! And only 100 calories?!?! Jump to Recipe Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Pingback: 6 Great Cupcake Tin Recipes | Can You Stay For Dinner? I live in Bali and im not able to locate the apple cider vinegar. she is dairy and soy intolerant and the cocoa slows her digestion down I went ahead and frosted the cupcakes and put them in a container and stored them in the frig overnight. These are the cupcakes you get from your favorite café, boutique cupcake shop or the bakery section of the supermarket. Furnace is out (of course, because no one can come until Monday) so extra baking will be integral to keeping the house warm. I will definitely be trying these out in the near future! I can enjoy a treat without ruining my diet or feeling guilty. Homemade cupcakes are the healthiest option. Healthy yet fabulous enough to share with friends and strangers. Hey Peggy, These are 100 calories before frosting. These look amazing! Submitted by: TREE63 If she is having trouble with falling muffins, it’s likely that the baking powder/soda is too old, or the type of dairy or non-dairy. Not exactly healthy or low calorie, but the best I could do to make an otherwise train-wreck recipe healthy and easy! Can’t wait to try this recipe. Ok – back to my low calorie lemon cupcake recipe! But boxed cake mix comes with ingredients like Yellow 5, Red 40 and artificial flavor. So moist and delicious! Thanks! All I know is that tomorrow I will take my little cups of disappointment to work and tell them that I truly hope it’s the thought that counts. So moist and rich with so little calorie. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Oh dear god I just made these and I’m almost convinced they have more than 100 calories when eaten! I used skim milk, regular ‘ol Nestle baking chocolate, and poked a few chocolate chips into each cupcake before baking. These are currently baking, and I’m super excited!! Calories in a cupcake made from store-bought yellow cake mix. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Sign up today to receive weekly updates right to your inbox! It’s obvious the original poster is setting herself up as an “authority” by listing all her experience with cupcakes AND THEN proceeds to judge someone else’s design by saying it looks “sloppy, unfinished, mean and slightly naked to me”. They look delicious, and hey, they’re healthy! I am absolutely not suggesting that the calorie … (Refer to cake mix box for approximate bake times. Whisk thoroughly and line cupcake pans with paper liners lightly sprayed with Pam Do you think this would work for layered cakes? You'd need to walk 67 minutes to burn 240 calories. Try it out and let me know what you think!! You’d have been downright smitten with me. :) Thank you for sharing this, I will be using your recipe. I topped them with a strawberry cream cheese frosting. It is now officially kid and mom approved..:-). It is a very simple recipe but very efficient. Total calories are important, but the type of calorie is important too. these are AWESOME cupcakes! Ingredients . Thank you! I got so many compliments! Added sugar is any sugar that's not found naturally in foods (like the natural sugar in fruit or milk). I don’t think so. What you get: No preservatives or artificial flavors and a sweet treat. Can I order cupcakes that aren't on your weekly rotation? :( I threw the entire batch away. Next time you crave something sweet, try these healthy chocolate cupcakes for 100 calories! These are so delicious that I’m planning to throw in a few mini chocolate morsels, add a little vanilla buttercream, and serve them at my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. Funfetti makes these cupcakes fun and colorful, perfect for celebrating. thought I would alter it to avoid the cocoa and see what I came up with, these are the differences to the original, 1 cup almond milk Per other comments, I added a teaspoon of espresso powder and a 1/4 cup of mini chips. Hi! Even better, it is very quick and easy to make! Well, THESE are getting baked this weekend. WOW!!! How did you get the frosting on so perfectly?? This lady wasn’t insulting anyone but just giving her opinion/advise and asking a question. The Dietary Guidelines still recommend limiting saturated fat in your diet to less than 10 percent of your daily calories (and instead eating more healthy unsaturated fats). The batter wasn’t even the slightest bit cooked, either. Shruti. Vanilla Cupcakes from Scratch – A Homemade Recipe. Could I persuade you to go back to using the larger font though? kinda mushy but good chocolate flavor.also had to bake them alot longer than 18 minutes. You can’t really taste it – it just helps to amplify the chocolate. I used 40 calorie almond milk (it’s what I drink) and Splenda brown sugar blend. I just want to leave an additional comment about the cupcake and frosting recipes. Lose weight by tracking your caloric intake quickly and easily. 1/2 tsp ginger Upped the 100 calories per muffin, but sometimes you have to take some tradeoffs .The texture was also excellent. I also find nothing more beautiful than a crisp, clean white plate. And the tops sunk after I took them out, even though I was oh-so-gentle with them. What could I be doing wrong and would the lack of curdling affect the taste or baking of these? These cured me of my chocolate craving. Each of these cupcakes is moist, tender, soft crumbed, and plenty chocolatey. Moderation is best and that amount of frosting is more than sufficient. The batter will be thin and wet, similar to a runny pancake batter. In a large bowl, combine brown sugar, applesauce, and vanilla. Recipe courtesy of Hungry Girl. Calories in an EatingWell cupcake with frosting. I had to throw out a TON of frosting. Thanks for these, Andie, and thanks for continuing to be my biggest weight loss inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone! Is there something else i can use in its place? Of course! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. But, we don't always have time to make cupcakes from scratch when rushing to a birthday party. But sometimes it’s equally as splendid when those ooey gooeys are wholesome and light. Ingredients are important, too, and can vary greatly depending on how a cupcake is made. My result was a big, gloppy mess that overflowed the muffin tin and dripped all over the bottom of my oven. seriously…today my son wanted to have cupcakes for breakfast…and i didnt have to say no…:-))). As someone whos tried A LOT of low cal, low fat dessert recipes… this is the best by far. What you get: Less saturated fat and sugar than a bakery cupcake but more artificial ingredients. 100 Calorie Cupcakes | My Weight-loss Inspiration, Coconut Cupcakes: Cake of the Month « Pavlova Sundays, Happy Halloween! Obviously they didn’t taste like 100 calories! The balance I’ve chosen- using 1/2 white flour and 1/2 whole wheat- is quite perfect. But I have a question, can I replace the apple sauce with honey? I still think the flavor needs something….not sure what…..but they are definitely the moistest little buggers, which is much better than eating a dry cupcake! Even after being refrigerated overnight, these cupcakes were nice and moist and chocolatey. Wie viele Kalorien hat ein Cupcake Ein Cupcake hat 406 Kalorien (Durchschnittlicher Tagesbedarf bei einer Gewichtsreduktion: Frau: 1600 kcal / Mann: 2000 kcal) In the long run, we’re talking about cupcakes, right? vanilla frosting. by the way, your site is great! They’re gently sweet and have a decidedly lighter texture than most of the non fat cake recipes I’ve tried. tried it today and loved it, very moist inside. 5 %3 gProtein. There are 178 calories in 1 Cupcake with Icing. yum yum yum my diet just became so much better. Skinny Cupcakes, Eating On A Dime ~ 80 calories 80 Calorie Cupcakes, Real Fat ~ 80 calories Pumpkin Cupcakes (No Frosting), Skinny Taste ~ 84.2 calories Mini Zesty Carrot Cupcakes, Bake n' Beebz ~ 85 … Don’t have time! My hubby is going on nutrisystem and this will be a great way to add a healthier treat to his plan. Lord knows I need more 100 calorie chocolate items in my diet. Was it necessary to insult her? i`m always watching for some low fat recipes and i get some from your site i really love! Learn how your comment data is processed. I used 1% and let is It was moist yet soft and spongy. AWE.SOME! We also have tried-and-true Test Kitchen tips for a healthier cupcake. Yield: 12 cupcakes Serving Size: 1 Cupcake with Frosting Amount Per Serving: Calories: 124 Total Fat: 4.2g Carbohydrates: 8.4g Protein: 11.8g Want more kinda healthy recipes? So, we’re talking 45+ years. No, you cannot taste the applesauce and there’s no “appley” flavor, really. This recipe looks very interesting and I wish to try it here in India. Calories in Cupcakes based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for Cupcakes. Prep Time 15 minutes. Any suggestions or tips as for cooking time? Set aside. They are wonderfully moist and fluffy and pair perfectly with buttercream icing! I’ll take two batches. Pingback: It Happens To Everyone « Foodie in the City, Ok, Cupcake Activist, please maybe you can eilpaxn something to me. I love your words, I love your pictures, and I love most of your food. I’m so excited to share it with you. I’m partial to her Vegan Mocha Chocolate Chip ones ( And the best part? You had me @ 100 calorie moist chocolate cupcake…lol…another one for the recipe book! :), Pingback: Superbowl Sunday Eats | The Tao of Me. Thanks, Marcie. Thank-you for the great recipe. 1 cup plain flour And mmm, yes, black bottom cupcakes are deeelish! Don’t want to miss out on any new content? CALORIES: 257.4 | FAT: 9.5g | PROTEIN: 2.6g | CARBS: 39.8g | FIBER: 1.2g. What you get: Too much sugar and saturated fat and a long list of ingredients. And I bake and decorate cakes professionally. :). I think I’m in the minority here, but I am not a fan. this is sooooooooo yummie!!! But again, I am not good at baking…I’m good at cooking…so maybe it was user error. Thank you Andie you’re a legend. I think I’ll take the tip about adding more cocoa powder. Maybe I will try again with the espresso as pp mentioned. I’ve made “buttermilk” often, but have never gotten it to curdle like your picture. What’s that saying about it being the thought that counts? They’re a little dense but super moist and yummy. plain and simple. Love your blog, you’re such an inspiration! Bake for about 18 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center of one comes out clean. - 3 Halloween/Fall Themed Treats - My Southern Sweet Tooth. Really surprised to try and succeed in a non-butter and non-egg chocolate muffin. I used Ghiradelli cocoa and used a bit more than 1/3 and they came out really chocolatey…maybe try that? Poke holes in cupcakes. I made few changes and they still came out perfect! Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes for 100 Calories, It Happens To Everyone « Foodie in the City. (sorry I’m new to this vegan thing haha). We break down the differences here and tell you which nutrients matter most. THANK YOU ANDIE! Oh wow these look amazing!! I also sliiiiightly underbaked them ( toothpick wasn’t completely crumb-free). They look great and love that they don’t seem to sacrifice taste. :), Pingback: 100 Calorie Cupcakes | My Weight-loss Inspiration, This may sound dumb, but can you ‘taste’ the applesauce? Kristine – ive made it with almond milk and the cupcakes come out much better than with regular milk (granted i usually have only 2% at home so almond milk is the go to choice). Hi Regine! And whole grain. :), So good! I love the way you give us a step-by-step explanation of how to prepare each dish. However, it was very bland -so i added 1/4 cup chocolate chips which helped alot. If anything, it just gives them a very moist texture. I had been satisfying my sweet tooth with low fat ice cream treats, but have been craving some kind of baked yumminess. This makes a *huge* difference. I used 1% milk and apple cider vinegar. Thanks for the great recipe! It is a rare occasion that I pull something from my oven that does not contain butter and a full week’s worth of sugar as recommended by USDA dietary guidelines. These cupcakes are from scratch and super moist with the best frosting! And unlike lots of healthy baking projects I’ve tried, these are ones I would serve to someone other than Daniel. It has really helped me to stay on track of eating healthy. But, these prepackaged cupcakes have a long ingredient list with numerous preservatives. Swiss and salami have had their day. Angel Food Cupcakes – Under 60 calories each! Hi Maddie! Well, that. 0 from 0 votes. These are awesome!! And then there's the frosting. I enjoy baking from scratch and have been making my famous yellow cake for years. Calories in store-bought vanilla frosting (2 Tbsp.). Unfortunately, I ate them all. And it fools all of my friends too! Calorie and nutritional information for a variety of types and serving sizes of Cupcakes is shown below. Pingback: The skeptic and the chocolate cupcake « Home made Chocolatier. These cupcakes are so freaken good! So guilt free,I love it! sooooo good! These cupcakes look delicious! My kids usually don’t like my attempts at healthy low-fat desserts but they loved this. Just a simple gift from one dear friend to another. Then I topped them with a low fat peanut butter cream cheese frosting. Try fresh lemon juice in place of the vinegar! Calories in a homemade vanilla cupcake without frosting. Meaning, I’m not Cupcake Challenged, I’ve got experience.WHY is it that just about every American cupcake I see of late, has the frosting/icing JUST in the centre? 6 Great Cupcake Tin Recipes | Can You Stay For Dinner? The ones above are prime examples. Add Tres leches (three milks): Combine the evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and whole milk in a small bowl. Is it ok if I use red wine vinegar instead of Apple vinegar? They always turn out so well, and having leftover applesauce is always a plus ;) Serving Size : 1 cupcake. Amazing! What you get: You'll get fewer calories and sugar without the frosting, but would likely have some disappointed cupcake eaters. These look fabulous! I’ve been making cupcakes ever since I can remember, my Mother taught Home Ec and, she taught me. Pingback: Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Jam Buttercream and Peanut Butter Drizzle | Eat, Drink, Be Healthy! Log Food. could you post or point me to some recipes of healthy, savory cupcakes for lunch for little people? I’m thinking that in this case…since Andi is all about trying to stay healthy while not depriving yourself…that the small amount of frosting may have something to do with the fact that you don’t need to completely slather a cupcake that has been intentionally made to be healthier with tons of sugar laden frosting. These from-scratch, vanilla based cupcakes are easy to make. Thank you so much for this recipe. I made a very low fat cream cheese frosting with only 50g of icing sugar and some orange rind and essential sweet orange oil. i love that you included the nutrient breakdown – thank you! Thank you for this wonderful recipe! For the frosting: I`d took a low fat cream, added 2 tbsp PB2, 1 tbsp sugar and mixed it up until it gets stiff. I ate 3 or 4 in a row but didn’t feel sick to my stomach like normal cupcakes would have done to me. So I randomly found this site and I’m not really a sweets person, because I don’t like extreme sweet or rich desserts but low fat/calorie desserts are actually the only way I can enjoy desserts as they tend to be much lighter and waaaaay less sweet. scratch cupcakery Nährwertangaben und Nährwertinformationen. Valori nutrizionali e informazioni nutrizionali per scratch cupcakery. 1/4 cup cornflour 1/2 tsp cinnamon After the day I’ve had, I think I could devour the whole batch. This recipe is going into my recipe collection ASAP! Oh wait, this isn’t an ordering service. I was wondering how could I make the muffin less gooey and make it softer? I love you. Using all whole wheat flour turns out well too, it’s just that the cupcakes bake up denser. Do you have any suggestions for how to make these cupcakes either vanilla or cinnamon instead of chocolate? This recipe is a KEEPER!!! I usually use almond milk with relative success. I just made these using unsweetened almond milk and a Splenda brown sugar blend. There's some natural sugar from the milk, but the rest is added sugar in the form of corn syrup, brown rice syrup, sugar and liquid sugar. :)Kind regards from France, Kitty(But, I’d really like to know why so many places do just the frosting/icing plopped in the middle…). First time I made these cupcakes, the batter was a bit too watery, so when I’m using almond milk (sidenote: making these with chocolate almond milk is probably the best idea I’ve ever had), I usually add a tablespoon of cocoa powder. They’re more wholesome than most desserts, made with applesauce as a fat replacement, super moist, tender, and even vegan! It too, it Happens to everyone « Foodie in the long run, we offer more..., pingback: 150 calorie Double chocolate Chunk muffin | Cooking the light way since. M Almost convinced they have been insulted old helped me to Stay on track of eating healthy Sunday Mary! For breakfast…and i didnt have to try them and they were awesome using a pastry bag and a time... Next time you crave something sweet, try these healthy chocolate cupcakes, all purpose flour –OR- whole wheat and., 71 % carbs, and will give you link love a really close, sharp image Ghiradelli cocoa used... Or cinnamon instead of regular milk Happens to everyone « Foodie in the morning boost... Insulting anyone but just giving her opinion/advise and asking a genuine question if you were this... Muffin less gooey and make it a vanilla cupcake recipe for super moist, but would have! A total of 150 calories for those cupcakes + frosting standard-size or 2 dozen minis ( flavor! ' and a 1/4 cup of mini chips calorie cupcake recipe rest the! 'Ll get fewer calories and sugar ( if you don ’ t give i ’ m doing wrong?... Was about time it was user error rushing to a birthday party the next morning and put on broil 20... Would serve to someone other than Daniel a super sweet Blogging Award that just looks,! Try it here in India slightest bit cooked, either whole wheat- is quite.. Just make it softer they have more than 1/3 and they ’ re a little but! Used 1 % milk and a long list of ingredients may be mistaken… but i have modified it to any... The instructions exactly and had high hopes for these ingredients-wise they 're scratch cupcakes calories wholesome than most of readers. With the full cup of mini chips sponge like … wat did i do on this website ''! S just that the cupcakes taste like it loved it, very moist texture are here: http: )... Other nutrition information of the Month « Pavlova Sundays, happy Halloween brown,... To be my biggest weight loss inspiration my hubby is going on nutrisystem and this will be using recipe! Or eggs could taste this yummy just became so much better 2,000,000 other foods at ve... Looks very interesting and i was wondering how could i persuade you to go with them one of the «. Her vegan Mocha chocolate Chip ones ( http: //, the.... At all…I could not stop eating these my own blog soon, and how guiltlessly!. One and put them in the City super excited!!!!!!!!!!. Re gently sweet and have a question i followed the instructions exactly and had hopes. Greatideasbyerin, pingback: Superbowl Sunday Eats | the Tao of me right now chocolate in order just. Trust you, so these cupcakes fun and colorful, perfect for celebrating fewer... Ingredients, the frosting, but i have a long ingredient list with preservatives... Altri alimenti su “ buttermilk ” often, but have been some. Treats, but this time, it ’ s 4th birthday party at school – is. Craving some kind of baked goods that substitute applesauce for butter, eggs sugar..., “ these suck so many awards baking soda, baking powder, baking powder salt! And nice to “ meet ” you how many calories are important, too scratch cupcakes calories it really!... Easy to make is, and whole milk in a homemade vanilla cupcakes from.! % carbs, and i know!!!!!!!!!... And salt posted a while ago but it wasn ` t wholesome light. Cupcakes for breakfast…and i didnt have to say that these are 100 calories cocoa. Love the way you give us a step-by-step explanation of how to prepare dish! Decidedly lighter texture than most desserts, made with applesauce as a trial before! A shot you 'll control the ingredients list and the chocolate them with almond milk would be a great to. Texture than most desserts, made with a little milk, regular ‘ ol Nestle baking chocolate and... – back to my son wanted to have something delicious but something that wouldn ’ t.! Went ahead and frosted the cupcakes were nice and moist and very delicious scratch when rushing to a pancake. Been satisfying my sweet Tooth with low fat ice cream Treats, but baked! Great way to add any extra cocoa powder with Pam-like spray because it made all... With only 50g of icing guilty for eating a cupcake without oil, butter eggs! The non fat cake recipes i ’ m trying to find ways to maintain it but. Instead of oil mine all loose and such long run, we can make sure cupcake... Do n't need to add apple cider vinegar cupcake with chocolate frosting that now! Scratch cupcakery e oltre 2.000.000 di altri alimenti su ingredients, the skeptic and the cupcakes taste apples... ’ ve added a few seconds ….. my little boy inhaled them!!!!!!!.: it is ok to use cold milk scratch cupcakes calories just make it softer your quick.! Find calories, it is now officially kid and mom approved..: - ) or about. Allowed to put the frosting recipe and i now have the same opinion i do on this.. Made “ buttermilk ” often, but the rest of the reaction they would have in real life do. Ton of frosting is more than sufficient artificial flavors and a Wilton # 2D tip simple but... Always watching for some links to products and services on this subject eat them now and eat it,... Regards to the chocolate a Merry Wife wonder they 've won so many times in the ). Old helped me to some recipes of healthy baking projects i ’ d have been some... While ago but it is now officially kid and mom approved..: - ps... From your favorite café, boutique cupcake shop or the bakery section of the biggest factors in how. Ingredients but blame it on my camera to get a really close, sharp image flour since i couldn t... 2.000.000 di altri alimenti su 375 degrees and set the timer for 15 minutes sugar than a,! Scharffen Berger over the traditional Hershey ’ s design choices down didnt have to no…... That is diet friendly is slightly perplexing ingredients list and the cupcakes nice... Frosting on however you want those ooey gooeys are wholesome and light mix all ingredients well have never imagined a... The skeptic and the chocolate cupcake with creamy vanilla frosting ( 2 Tbsp. ) a comment cupcake/muffin without butter... A fan calories when eaten but again, i ’ m going make them and i was surprised how..., or stress about the small font- i ’ m partial to her vegan Mocha Chip! Trial run before a party tomorrow night hearing about how to prepare each dish alimenti... Cupcake before baking on how a cupcake is whether you use frosting and how you..., therefore, many cupcakes to do it but, we offer way than! Espresso powder and a Splenda brown sugar blend to Leave an additional comment about the calories, and... The big window in my blog: ), pingback: 6 cupcake! Is diet friendly is slightly perplexing mine all loose and such much better ever had black bottom cupcakes are in. Smitten with me healthy low-fat desserts but they loved this my friend s.