To Remember – All artists from the United States are welcome to participate in the competition. Rules – NAWA’s Small Works Summer program covers a wide spectrum of mediums and styles, and there are usually the following categories of artworks: sculpture, oil and acrylic paintings, photography, original prints (intaglio), watercolors, mixed media, and soft pastels. • Eligibility – No such requirements as the competition is open to production companies, studios, as well as artists worldwide. CATEGORY: art competitions. It is a national juried art show/exhibition where Clay McGlamory is the Juror and is quite the competition where people can feast their eyes on the beautiful genre of paper arts. Click here to go to the My Competitions area. In the current generation, artists focus more on digital art, the plethora of possibilities of tomorrow, and mainly the art of the future. • Prizes - €7,000 institutional prizes for every category, artist residencies in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Taiwan, and many more. • Deadline for 2019 – October 31 • Eligibility – The competition is open to artists all over the world for ages 18 and above. competition photography competition design competition film Art Fellowships Artists' Social Network List of art Competitions & contests International Competitions 2020 • Entry Fee - $45 A Singular Creation - Free Monthly Art & Photography Competitions. The month-long stay is organized by the Sunny Art Centre in collaboration with famous Chinese institutions that provide the winners to get the opportunity of experiencing the rich culture and heritage of China. Now that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity! • Eligibility – No restrictions, open to artists globally. At art and painting competitions, you can also build your contacts, meet new people, prospective buyers who might buy your pieces, and all this can pose to be a great starting step towards a successful business you can build with your art. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Congratulations to all finalists. The cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the first, second, and third place, a youth (aged 12 years or below), and one winner named as “Best in Show”. It’s a great initiative to help artists meet people, showcase their works, and receive a good publicity. This helps to create an honest representation of the talented visual artists from all over the country. Now, Takayama City wants to extend its heritage by promoting this woodblock printing culture on a global scale and to do so, they’re organizing a prestigious art competition in 2020. International, as well as domestic artists, are cordially invited by the Hida Takayama International Contemporary Woodblock Prints Triennial to exhibit their skills, talents, and beautiful artworks. The Sunny Art Prize 2020 is considered to be one of the most diverse and inclusive art competitions of the UK and is a great avenue for budding artists to gain meaningful exposure as well as to achieve the experience of a lifetime by developing their work in the month-long stay in China and exhibiting a solo exhibition in London as well. • Entry Fee - $30 Presenting the finalists of ORA 2020. • Prizes – Works will be displayed at NordArt and a winner prize cash of €10,000. This art competition is open to all Australian high school students, year 11 – 12. Other than these, there are 25 category cash prizes as well as 70 Honorable Mentions. International Open Art Competitions: Another type of competition that you might be interested in is one in which you can enter your artwork online for a fee, and then be eligible for an award. – The PYAA is truly a wonderful initiative that discusses progressive ideas and through its art contest, it provides an established platform where topics such as gender rights, equal rights, the LGBTQ Community, personal progression, and sustainability can be discussed amongst the younger generation to shape a better tomorrow for our world. Through this competition, the organizers seek to discover talented artists, to recognize and support them in every possible way for a bright future. Pretty amazing! All styles of photography, artwork, theme, etc. Art competitions are a great way to further develop your creative skills! • Prize - $15,000 • Entry Fee - $50 Takayama is a city surrounded by forests and flora, and because of this, the city has developed a unique culture for a dignified form of art known as woodblock printing. • Entry Fee - $35 publication fee for non-members and $20 for existing members. 2020 ALL Women Competition-closed. • Deadline for 2019 – May 19. By the way, we make awesome dog paintings too. • Eligibility – The competition is available for artists all over the world of 18 years and above. We award $1,000 to the top three winners each month and each of the 22 winners gets entered into the annual competition. The PleinAir Salon Art Competition is a monthly online competition consisting of 19 categories in 2D painting mediums. Rules – All the entries for this competition are to be made online only. • Prizes – Three scholarships worth $1,000 each are awarded to the 3 winners of the competition. 2020 All Painting Competition -closed. • Prize – All the winners of the competition will be featured in Splash’s 22nd edition. • Prize – A total prize fund of $11,500 with $4,000 for the first prize winner. Every year, they host the artist grants awards, an online art program where 30 artists are shortlisted, whose artworks are archived on the website. In Sight - Online Competition. the prize pool, $12,000 for the Best of Show. View the contest announcement and follow the online instructions to create an account and enter your submission. • Prizes – The prize money allotted for the winners will range from $1000 to $500, as well as a color catalog. Every year, Lumen Arts Projects arranges a worldwide juried digital art contest to provide a number of opportunities to digital artists to showcase their skills in this new and upcoming genre of art. For the first time in history, the longest-running Philippine student art competition was held completely online, its platform reaching out to more young artists around the country. Please visit, like and share our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram. They successfully do this in two ways, firstly by providing a digital archiving platform for the artists to display their work, and secondly by an unrestricted grant-making procedure. Prize Range – The extensive prize range arranged by the Moho Organization for this competition is quite impressive. $1,000 stipends + $4,000 in awards. Rules – Since this is a plain air competition, artists must produce all art from life, as opposed to creating art in the studio. The works submitted by the artists will only be considered as entries if they’re original. • Prizes – A total cash fund of $500,000 is allotted for the winners along with $200,000 for 2 grand prize winners. The CIFAC is also a great way for these artists to break the niche and approach an international audience to show their artworks and gain a lot of publicity as well. The beauty of this competition is the fact that it accepts art of all mediums, subjects, and styles, which increases the participant range by quite the large margin. This is definitely a great initiative, not only for animal-loving artists but artists in general, to show their love for their own animals as well as others. There are lots of online art contests for kids, and as I come across them, I’ll post them on this page. Art competitions are the best avenues for you to show your masterpieces, through which you can finally break the ice and gain the exposure you want so badly. • Entry – £40. Art Show International announces their annual online art competitions & exhibitions. These finalists will not only win various cash prizes and awards but will also have the opportunity to exhibit their work in the popular exhibition on Salt Spring Island, which runs for almost a month. • Prizes - $3,000 cash prize for first place winner, $1,500 voucher from Fix8 Systems, a 500-word review of the artist’s practice or work, and a 6-month mentoring program as well. All the winners are judged by 4 different Judges who don’t know each others. View the contest announcement and follow the online instructions to create an account and enter your submission. The first prize winner is awarded $1,000 and the second prize winner with $500. The 13 winners will also be featured on Southwest Art’s website. An artist’s colors and lights can often tell powerful stories, and the artists who can successfully do this to win the painting competition will have the amazing opportunity to feature their work in the 8th North Light Book of AcrylicWorks. Celebrating Art Enter our art contests. Must be an original work currently for sale on the Saatchi Art website. The PleinAir Salon $30,000 Art Competition is a monthly competition online. Contemporary Art Gallery Online encourages entries from all 2D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field. Rules and more – The sole rule of this competition is that any kind of work to be considered as an entry has to engage with technology in some way or the other. • Deadline – June 8, 2020. Artist Network, through its variety of magazines, successfully organizes a great art contest. • Fourth Prize - $1,000 worth of Pastels and Pastel Surfaces from Jack Richeson and Company. • Entry Fee - $35 Global Online Art Competition 2020 by Ali Art Studio is back again only for you. Basically any student in grades K-12 can enter. Though this competition is deemed as magnificent, some critics also state that it is disappointing in terms of producing good art and works. • All submissions are to be done online. Digital artists worldwide are often familiar with the Lumen Prize, which is a one of a kind digital art competition that mainly deals with any kind of art that is created with the help of technology. • Prizes – More than $10,000 total cash prize for all the winners, all the place winners and top prize winners will be featured in the 2021 issue of the Pastel Journal. • Entry Fee - $35 • All the entries are judged by the jury based on artistic merit, design, technical excellence, content, originality, and solution of the theme. This year’s edition of the ING Discerning Eye will be held 100% virtually with a top prize of £5,000 and a wide range… • Date – June 7 – 14, 2020 Paint Annapolis Competition. We all know that Japan is a place filled with culture and heritage, and it is the same when it comes to the various forms of Japanese art. The main focus of this competition is to not only reward the brilliant MANGA artists but to also promote the beautiful MANGA culture so that other countries also get to experience it. Thus, for all these reasons, Agora Gallery and its international competition is the perfect venue for artists who are looking to establish their identities. If I hear that a particular contest is not a good one to enter, I won’t list it again. The World Illustration Awards held by AOI is a world-renowned art competition for illustration artists and has been a tradition for the past 45 years amongst the art community. • Entry Fee – None. 10 artists are selected to attend the NordArt Symposium where they can create their work. Jerry's Artarama Online Art Contests. In addition to this, they’ll also receive 100% of the entire sale price when any of their artworks are sold! • Prizes – A total cash prize of $5,000 is allotted for the winners, along with $2,000 for the Best in Show Award. So if you’re feeling lucky then it’s easy to find and enter competitions today. Organized by the Agora Gallery, this year they’ll be hosting the 35th CIFAC which acts as a great platform for visual artists from all over the world to gain valuable exposure and to show the beauty of fine art to all the viewers as well as esteemed individuals from the same field of work. The fundraiser will be an online photo competition starting in January 2021, where residents will be challenged to imitate classic art pieces with whatever they can find. • Prizes – First prize winner will be awarded $15,000 with a residency, Juror’s Choice winners will be given $3,000 each, and People’s Choice winners will be given $1,000 to $3,000 each. • Second Place Winner - $1,000 cash prize, work to be published in Southwest Art’s December/January issue. CGTrader is calling digital artists from around the world to show their best works of art. • Prize – All the winners of the competition will be featured in Splash’s 22nd edition. Extensive Range of Prizes –This competition attracts quite the number of participants mainly because of its extensive prize range. This Is Art!, the amazing online art competition for young people, is up and running and already hundreds of entries have been uploaded. • Highly Commended - £500 (awarded to 2 artists) The theme for this year’s Splash 22 is “Mood”, and the organizers will observe which of the artists can capture the mood and portray excellence in the best way. Online Art Competitions was created by a qualified Art and Design/Photography professional. This is quite the prestigious opportunity as 10,000 art collectors read the magazine every month and it also possesses a very loyal reader following. It doesn't matter if you just started with art you can enter the art contests and improve as an artist by participating in the the art community. Online Art competition (Legal Considerations): AliArt and Pakistan Art Hub preserves rights to use participants’ artwork for exhibitions, publications, campaigns as well as other outreach. With the opportunity to be published in the famous Artists Magazine, budding artists who are eager to gain recognition and publicity are often encouraged to try and win the competition, in order to get the full spread to publish their artworks in the magazine. Usually results are announced about one to two weeks after the deadline.